AI in the spotlight at VentureBeat’s inaugural transform conference

The VentureBeat’s inaugural Transform conference earlier this year has turned into a platform for companies like Samsung, Google, Gogo, Uber, Intel, Pinterest, etc. to praise AI’s increasing ability in performing tasks at the scale that humans can only dream of doing. They believe that AI is empowering businesses to innovate faster than ever.

The panel discussions, product showcases, and chats were all filled with optimism about the future of AI in literally anything: logistic, food delivery, retail, etc. The predictive power will help businesses to boost the bottom line and optimize workflows, which eventually creates a better customer experience.

Let’s take a look at some AI ideas across industries!

Uber’s director of product Jairam Ranganathan put his hope in an AI-powered system to support text messages and calls for ridesharing passengers. Linda Crawford, CEO of Helpshift, had in her mind the next generation of chatbots backed by machine learning which can seamlessly handle customer service transactions. AI will be able to create a non-stop experience with little human interaction which will be ideal for customers these days.

Marketing data platform Singular’s Vice president of insights John Koetsier shared the story of how one of the company’s customers leverages AI algorithms to launch an ads campaign on a video game without no image of any actual gameplay.

Bidalgo showcased its platform Creative AI’s ability to analyze videos, images and other media to figure out a successful marketing strategy. As the company’s representative explained, the system would go through old images and videos for insights on what positively affects customers and what people like about an ad. It was like an insurance for a marketing campaign.

Despite the mighty power of AI, most of the attendees didn’t think of AI as the solution for everything, or at least for now. The examples of AI shortcomings are as diverse as examples of its powers.

The most advanced NLP engine hasn’t gotten the grip of contextual speech. Algorithms are trained by humans, so they can be biased just like the people who train them. AI has in its hand a massive amount information, maybe (or one day will be) larger than anything else in the world, which can be useful and creepy at the same time. AI, at the moment, is still relying on humans too much to realize the insights they gather.

There are many prospects for the development of AI in the future of humankind. For the time being, we can’t help but follow the booming of the AI technology. As it is still under human control, we should and must use it responsibly.

AI, just like any other technology that humankind has created, can be a tool as well as a weapon. The way we use it will decide its and our destiny. But there is one thing we can all agree on: AI is a powerful technology that will carry us into another era if we use it wisely.

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