Best health insurance options for single moms

It is obvious that single moms are always under stronger financial burden than other moms supported by their partners. And, seeking an affordable health insurance policy is a challenge for single moms with a limit in finance. Nevertheless, this article can help them to find some available health insurance options at the affordable cost.

  • Medicaid

Jointly funded by states and the federal government, Medicaid is considered the great assistance for single moms in owning a health insurance. Especially, Medicaid is highly recommended for low-income single moms. However, to become policyholder of a health insurance coverage, single moms are forced to meet the predetermined eligibility requirements.

If their income below $27,000, they may qualify for Medicaid.

  • CHIP

CHIP standing for the Children’s Health Insurance Program is a great destination to receive a free or low-cost health insurance policy. What CHIP offers to single mothers is an array of plans including various services such as dental/vision care, laboratory/x-rays, inpatient/outpatient hospital services, immunizations, routine check-ups or doctor’s visits. Covering children up to 19 years old is what capture a lot of attention from single moms. In addition, no charge for well child doctor’s visits also highlights CHIP in health insurance marketplace for single mothers.

  • Employer insurance

Employer-sponsored health insurance programs currently are where single moms obtain a health insurance policy. The cost of this insurance type does not exceed 9.5 percent of their income and they will have the ability to pay for this. However, if their employers do not offer health insurance for them, they should consider a plan from the insurance marketplace.

  • The insurance marketplace

If a single mother is not qualified for Medicaid or her employers do not offer her a health insurance plan, she will still be eligible to obtain subsidies to pay for insurance through the Insurance Marketplace. The eligibility requirement for the subsidy is an income between $20,420 and $82,680. If single moms have to purchase a plan in the insurance market, it is necessary for them to conduct a careful research to get the best policy or choose to have the credit applied to their insurance in order to reduce the premium they pay each month.

  • Parent’s health insurance plan

If single mothers are not over the age of 26 and their parents are the policyholders of health insurance coverages. Luckily, they have right to be covered by their mom and dad’s insurance because according to health insurance rules, children can stay on their parent’s plan until the age of 26 in most cases and that they got married and had a kid does not affect this. In this situation, their parents have to enroll them in an employer-based plan during an open enrollment period in order that they are qualified to receive a health insurance. If parents get health insurance policies from the marketplace, they must include their children on the application. As a result, their children in the role of a single mom are still protected by health insurance policies.

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