How AI wins the most skillful Dota 2 players

August 6, 2018, had marked a breakthrough in the AI ​​technology when the AI named OpenAI developed by Elon Musk had officially won most well-known 5 Dota 2 players including Fog, Merlini, Blitz, Capitalist, and MoonMeander.

Previously, 5 OpenAI bots (also known as OpenAI Five) also knocked out 5 gamers with the highest rank of 6.500+ MMR (top 0.05% of the world). Many people wondered how advanced and intelligent OpenAI really was and how they not only won over the players but also know how to tease the enemy.


OpenAI made the world surprised at The International 7

OpenAI was first appeared at The International 2017 event, which was worth millions of dollars to find the Dota 2 champion team in the world. With the support of Elon Musk, OpenAI’s ambition is to ensure that artificial intelligence will serve in a positive way for humans, instead of Matrix or Skynet. At the time, however, OpenAI had made the gaming community and tech world really shocked, even scared. It was due to the fact that OpenAI had defeated all the best and most professional players in 1 and 1 Shadowfiend mode. Even Canadian goddess Artour “Arteezy” Babaev felt nervous.

The reasons why Dota 2 was chosen as its goal

It is not as simple as some games such as chess or puzzle games. Dota 2 requires players to have a deep knowledge of all aspects of the game, even if you have a higher skill level. The gamers also have to guess the competitor’s decision-making abilities.

For example, an average Dota 2 game will last about 45 minutes with 30 frames per second; therefore, a turn will have a total of 80.000 frames. For every 4 frames, OpenAI will re-check once and then make a decision to act. Thus, it will have to make 20.000 decisions in a game. While this number is only 40 in a chess and 150 in a Chinese chess. If you draft your decision tree, you can have thousands of branches or even more.

In addition to Dota 2, all other Moba games always require 5 members to set up a team. They need to join hands to be winners. Therefore, OpenAI cannot “cheat” but it has to act, support each other, and judge itself as 5 normal players. Perhaps this is the reason why the OpenAI team chose Dota 2.


OpenAI fights itself with the game volume of 180 years per day

Unlike the Bot in 2017 which was only known for 1 to 1 confrontation and running on the platform Azure with 60.000 processor cores, “OpenAI Five” consists of 5 Bots developed on a completely new platform called Google Cloud with 128.000 cores. OpenAI team also let them confront each other in a game volume of 180 years a day. While Bot will learn on its own from its predecessors through thousands of games; by and large, this helps form an artificial intelligence that calculates every aspect of the game and seeks to increase the winning chance. Although there are 115 heroes in Dota 2, OpenAI can still play with 18 generals, and some other advantages. However, it has enough power to win all 5 best players, equivalent to 99.95% of players around the world.x

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