How AI wins the most skillful Dota 2 players_Part 2

“We estimate the win rate to be more than 95%”

That is an OpenAI Five’s “chat-all” motto which is both funny and has caused many people impressed in recent matches. As soon as the game starts, a BOT representing the AI team will quickly give a comment “We estimate the win rate is over 80%”. More surprisingly, just a few seconds later, its predictions increase to 90% and 95%. This makes the audience and human team quite nervous. This also means that it can change the decisions and predictions second by second.

In essence, OpenAI has calculated its winning ability from the selection phase or named “draft”, one of the hardest tasks in Dota 2. The OpenAI team has taught the BOT 11 million possibilities to combine the heroes with each other. Thus, it helps them make the decision as wisely as possible.

It is not surprising for OpenAI to get victory over the human team in less than 40 minutes. Its play-style constantly creates the pressure as well as focuses mainly on specific targets, for instance, destroying enemy headquarters, controlling the map, and keeping the team’s blood stable in a long-lasting combat round. This has made the human team surprised and in a passive state. They do not have enough time to farm the items needed for the game.


OpenAI makes a difference

It is known that in a Dota 2 team, the “carry” position (which has the highest ability to make damage in the team) will get many farms. However, OpenAI gives “supports” (a supportive position) achieve the farm first, even more gold and experience than “carry”. After that, OpenAI also tends to run continuously as soon as it sees the opponent creating pressure in an aggressive way. For example, the human team’s “support” is Crystal Maiden, which will lose half the spell when appearing because Sniper’s last move aims at it closely. This is also very good for them because when having drawn blood away from the opponent from the distance and combating 5 to 5, AI will be more likely to knock out the rivals and create more advantages for its own team.


OpenAI still has some weaknesses

OpenAI has a rather bland weakness, which is a very poor last-hit ability. To be more detail, the last hit means to summon a blow to the soldier to obtain a certain amount of gold. They often skip this stage or in some cases, the blow is not accurate enough.

After the first two games, instead of allowing OpenAI to choose the general team, the human team has to rely on the audience to decide and give them 5 extremely disadvantageous heroes. Shortly after the game is kicked off, OpenAI even predicts only 2.9% to win. However, the human team still needs more than 30 minutes to beat it.


The last game also shows another weakness of OpenAI. At some points in the game, BOT Slark (a very weak hero in the early stages of the game) does not know how to escape from the opponent and go to the farm. Instead, it is unhidden and has to die in many hard-to-understand cases.

The International 8 has officially started. The result of OpenAI was so good that Valve invited professional teams to practice with OpenAI while the tournament was underway, and Gaben’s company would also arrange a training schedule. Hopefully, the audience will once have a chance to witness the OpenAI confronting with the strongest team this season.

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