How to accelerate AI and big data with the right partners?

IT professionals usually approach projects with caution when it comes to artificial intelligence and big data solutions. The technologies are growing and before you dive deep into the water, you want to make sure that you understand what lies beneath the surface.

The good news is that the growing ecosystem of knowledgeable service professionals is here to help your business benefit from the new AI and big data technologies. This is exactly what Dell EMC Services does. It allows you to access the resources to get help when and where you need it, which no one can do better than Dell Technologies.

How can you capitalize on AI and the growing volumes of data using the services professionals? Take a look at some of the solutions below.

The big vision

For new starters, Dell EMC Consulting can help you to define how big data and analytics can transform your business through Big Data Vision Workshop. With the 3-step methodology, you can work with experienced consultants to envision, identify and prioritize big data business opportunities and use cases as well as provide a roadmap for executing that vision.

Strategic guidance and expert integration

What happens when the high-value cases are defined? Dell EMC Consulting offers the strategic guidance and technology expertise to help customers plan as well as optimize big data analytics and infrastructure in order to gain valuable insight from their data. Experts of EMC Consulting are highly experienced and capable of delivering the customized solution architecture for each organization’s unique requirement. In order to affect change through big data analytics, the consultants also help connect the people, processes and technologies to achieve the goals and maximize investments.

Custom deployment

What can Dell EMC’s deployment services do to help you accelerate your technology adoption? They deploy digital technologies faster with less effort and more control while making sure that your new solutions work well with your environment.

Knowledgeable support

What comes after the deployment of your Dell EMC solution? The highly trained experts from ProSupport will provide comprehensive hardware and collaborative software to help optimize the system while minimizing downtime. Dell EMC maintains more than 170 third-party Collaborative Support agreements to assist with escalation management. Dell EMC’s service is a single point of contact, providing escalation management and staying engaged until the problem is solved. How does this service commitment benefit you? You can reduce costs and increase productivity as well as reduce the burden on staff resources that are busy managing daily administrative tasks.


What does EMC Education Services offer? You can receive certifications and courses on Data Science and Advanced Analytics and workshops on Machine Learning in collaboration with NVIDIA in order to develop solutions and skills needed to improve your AI capabilities. Comprehensive training on Dell EMC solution components, such as Isilon and PowerEdge is also ready to serve.

Trial and purchase, testing and tuning

Are you thinking about a proof of concept? You can consider working with the experts from Customer Solution Centers (CSCs). These centers offer you an opportunity to design, build, test and explore solutions.

When you take part in a CSC, you will work with subject matter experts in well-established labs that are full of the latest products and solution showcases. Remote connectivity allows you to include global team members or work at your own place.

What is the key takeaway?

The moral lesson in this story is easy to grasp: you don’t need to know everything about AI or big data to be successful in technologies, but you have to choose the right partners.

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