How to select the best health insurance company

Selecting a health insurance company should be considered the first priority for your family. Your family members’ health is critical enough to be left unnoticed. How to choose the best insurance company for your family? Take a look at some of the top health insurers below and a list of things to consider for your right selection.

  1. Kaiser Permanent – Recommended for Overall satisfaction

Kaiser Permanent gained the J.D Power award in the 2017 Medicare Advantage study with a score of 5/5 stars in each category including overall satisfaction, information and communication, provider choice, customer service as well as price and coverage benefit. With the current experiences offered by Kaiser Permanent, it is understandable that the company stands at the top in the health insurance industry. You can receive coverage from the company only if you reside in one of the following areas: Northern California, Southern California, Georgia, Colorado, Hawaii, Mid-Atlantic States (Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) as well as Northwest (Oregon and Washington).

  1. BlueCross/BlueShield – Recommended for Provider Choice

The business scored 95/100 in terms of customer service and was highly ranked for overall satisfaction on the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBSA) owns no fewer than 30 health insurance companies spreading across the US, thus, it is not difficult to locate a healthcare institution that accepts Blue Cross and take it as your favorite provider choice regardless of where you reside in the US.

  1. Highmark – Recommended for Claims Handling

Highmark received 4/5 stars from J.D Power & Associates for customer satisfaction with regards to claim handling. The company also gained 4.5/5 score from In fact, Highmark operates as a subset of Blue Cross Corporation and it is also a big health insurance company in the Eastern US region. Highmark is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and offers services in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia with no fewer than 5 million members.

  1. Humana – Recommended for Cost

4.5/5 is the score that Humana Insurance Company received in for the cost category. Additionally, Hamana achieved 4.5/5 stars for price and claim services. The company offers services across the US and it is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Humana’s services include a wide range of policy options with reasonable price for health insurance products, which are health plans for individuals, Medicare supplement plans as well as health plans for groups.

Which type of Health Insurance is right for you?

Keeping a low cost is necessary, but it is not the only thing you should take into consideration while deciding to buy a health insurance. One important factor is quality. In other words, ask yourself if the package you are buying can sufficiently cover your health expenses? If one of your family members has medical issues or chronic health conditions, check for the insurance company’s policy with regards to the illnesses.

At the same time, make sure whether you can use your provider choice or you have to attend a healthcare provider or doctor within the company’s selected network. The policy that you choose will likely play a role in this. Some policies allow you to pick your provider but come at a higher price. If you pick a plan with an HMO or PPO, the cost will not be as high.

Read the medical terms and make sure with your agent whether some medical procedures are covered for a smaller amount or not. Remember, it is expected that cancer treatments and infertility treatments, cosmetic procedures as well as prescription drugs are not covered by your policy. However, you can buy supplemental policies to cover these charges. Ask your health insurance agent to explain more details if you are unsure of the charges that will be covered.

What is your financial capacity?

A high-quality healthcare service is desirable, however, you should also take into account your financial capacity. Find a company that offers various policy options. You can usually have health insurance to cover the most basic healthcare needs even if your budget is low. Generally, a higher deductible means your insurance premium is low. As your budget expands, you will be able to add options or change your policy in order to cover more expenses for your health care demands.

It is recommendable to change your plan or pick a lower deductible. Great health insurance companies provide a broad choice of plans to satisfy all types of families with different needs and budgets.

How to make a comparison?

You can find help on several health insurance comparison websites to look for a company that is closely located and provides the suitable options based on your needs and financial capability. It is simpler to compare alike things when you look at a side-by-side view. Some examples of the tools that can help you get started: Plan Finder on, the eHealth comparison tool, QuoteWizard and

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