How will AI affect marketing automation in 2019

Businesses are automating marketing at a rapid rate. The industry of marketing automation is estimated to increase by 8.55 percent this year. The market capitalization can reach $5.5.

There are various forms of marketing automation and your business is likely using at least one of them.

In order to keep up with the growth of demand, the industry has to adopt new technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of marketing activities. One of the most notable technology adoptions in marketing automation is artificial intelligence. Here are how AI will contribute to the development of marketing automation in 2019

AI empowers voice and visual searches

A large proportion of sales comes from online search. Besides traditional search methods, customers nowadays are leaning towards the voice and visual search on their IoT devices due to their convenience and accuracy.

There are more and more AI tools that empower voice and visual search. As the technologies get more advanced, the number of customers prefer these search methods will increase rapidly. Marketers need to acknowledge the trends and adjust their marketing strategy to adapt to the changes in the industry.

AI provides a better customer experience

It is always a challenge to make customers happy, especially with big businesses. Providing timely, personalized, and accurate support is a crucial part in creating a great customer experience with the brand. The human ability can hardly keep up with the growth of customer quantity and demands, but AI-empowered tools can.

Given the appropriate input, AI algorithms can generate tailored content that is more likely to resonate with the customers. Automated AI chatbots are everywhere, helping companies to answer basic queries from their audience. Of course, there is still a lot of work to do to make these AI applications more “human”, but that future is getting closer every day.

AI provides predictive analytics

An important factor deciding the success of a marketing campaign is the predictions that drive marketers to make decisions on their campaign. AI can use factors like demographics, online posts, behavioral data, etc. to analyze and score potential leads. AI analytic tools are faster and more efficient than human or traditional applications; therefore, they will help marketers to improve the efficiency of lead generation. That will eventually enhance the result of the marketing campaign.

AI empowers integration

A majority of customers are using various device platform at the same time and they prefer whichever services that can deliver the same experience on every platform. Companies have to process a huge workload to ensure the audience of their marketing activities receives a seamless experience across devices.

AI is a great help in this case, allowing businesses to create and provide a uniform level of customizations and service across platforms. The transformative technology will relieve humans from the exhausting process while ensuring the quality and efficiency of the results.

Automation is becoming an inevitable trend in all industry, including marketing. There are so much more to successful marketing than just technology; however, with the power of AI and automation, marketers will have better tools to achieve their goals faster and more effectively. The saved time can be used to take care of other factors.

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