What are the best international health insurance providers?

Whenever you set up a plan to move abroad, at the top of the list priorities is the preparation for an international health insurance plan. Nevertheless, are you considering what is your best trustworthy international health insurance company, which offers you the best in service, benefits, coverage, and rates?

Below is the top list of international insurance providers you can take for consideration.

  1. Cigna Global Medical Insurance

Having worked in international health insurance for more than 30 years, Cigna Global Medical Insurance is ranked as the top company whose coverage is an ideal solution for expatriates and global citizens. What this provider offers customers is various including outpatient care, health and wellness, medical evacuation, vision and dental package. In case of the cost reduction, expatriates and global citizens can exclude certain modules out of their coverage.

  1. International Medical Group

Thanks to the winning combination and the widest range of products and service, through about 20 years, the international medical group gradually claim their role in the health insurance world. Not only does International Medical Group serve customers with excellent insurance policies that fit a multitude of needs from trip cancellation to long-term international medical plans but also the backup customer service team is superior.

  1. Aetna International

What sets Aetna International apart from other insurance companies is the more-than-160-year experience in healthcare including more-than-55-year one in international health benefits insurance. Having been awarded as “Best International Private Health Insurance Provider” and “Health Insurer of the Year”, Aetna international should be your wise choice to obtain the best health insurance plans.   Each plan designed by this provider is determined by where you move to and where you come from.

  1. GeoBlue Global Medical

The insurance policies designed by GeoBlue Global Medical are for US citizens who travel to or from the United States for extended periods of business, leisure, and study. GeoBlue’s health insurance plans are the unique combination of comprehensive worldwide benefits with a new generation of medical assistance services. To add more, both short -term travel medical plans as well as long term international health plans are what GeoBlue offers to US citizens abroad or Internationals Residing in the USA.

  1. Premier Health International

Administered by PA Group, Premier Health is one of the highly recommended international health insurance companies. The highlight of Premier Health International are the offerings of high quality global coverage all over the world. Three offered comprehensive plan options enable you to access medical treatment where they choose worldwide.

  1. BUPA Global Medical Insurance

Originated from British United Provident Association, Bupa Global is one of the respected health insurance brands you should consider for your oversea trips. The premium international coverage with products and services to access the healthcare anytime, anywhere in the world is what you can gain benefits from insurance plans of BUPA Global. Nowadays, the offices of this company exists all over the world from London and Brighton (UK), Miami (USA), Copenhagen (Denmark), Dubai (UAE, in partnership with OIC), and Hong Kong (China) to regional area in China, Singapore, Egypt, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and so on.

To get the best and the most suitable international insurance health policies from the above companies, it is necessary for you to conduct the careful research before making your decision.

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