Why is cloud computing more secure for you

The growth of cloud computing infrastructure is the most vivid evidence for its advancements in terms of scalability, flexibility, speed, and security. Cloud computing provides organizations with a more secure data storage solution than what the traditional data storage platforms can provide. There are a few reasons behind that.

Until now, 20 percent of the enterprise workloads are in cloud computing infrastructure. A couple of years ago, there were predictions that when the world went cloud, we would face serious consequence. It seems we are still fine by now.

One of the major fears of adopting cloud computing infrastructure was security. However, the time has proven that we are actually safer in the cloud than we are in traditional data centers.

Cloud computing service providers invest a lot in the security of the cloud

The cloud computing service providers use around 75 percent of their total spending on research and development to strengthen the security system of the cloud. We are seeing massive investment flows into the security technologies for cloud computing infrastructure, especially in the last two years. And the result is obvious with more secured cloud on both public cloud and on-premises infrastructures.

Cloud computing security has the power of AI

When the most advanced technologies join forces, amazing things happen. The industry is integrated AI into the cloud computing security systems, creating smarter security measures for the cloud. With its power, AI accelerates the discovery and elimination of vulnerabilities in the system and grows itself to be smarter and more automatic in the process along the way.

AI is helping the cloud computing industry to reduce the number of manual works in security systems. With the leverage of AI and simulated tools, the security of the cloud becomes more complex, empowering in the battle against more complicated threats. Also, thanks to the learning ability of AI, the technology is able to learn more during its operation. In the very near future, security systems with AI power will even be able to share its knowledge with its kind. The cloud computing security systems may be our closest shot to 100 percent security.

Cloud computing security is getting cheaper

While in many cases, the price reflects the quality, the equation does not really apply to cloud computing security. Cloud computing security is being improved while cloud computing price is getting cheaper. The on-demand model that public cloud computing providers offer is cheaper than licenses for traditional enterprise software.

After a few years, the cloud computing infrastructure has turned from the evil and scary technology to an essential one. The fear of getting more vulnerable in the cloud has been proven wrong. We are safer in the cloud than we used to be in traditional data centers. Moreover, the level of cloud computing security is

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